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Theme Catchup2018 - posted on 1st May 2018 at 12:50 PM
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So I'm now at the point in my neighbourhood when Cassandra and Don's generation have turned into teens, so I felt it was the time to make Mortimer and Bella have Alexander. Problem is that it makes him much older in relation to the other children/teens in the "official" version of Pleasantview (Mary-Sue and Daniel are still in their mid-teens as well and Brandi and the Caliente sisters are still children). And the other problem is that the current heir to the Crumplebottom family already turned out pretty much a carbon copy of "official" Alexander Goth in appearance, character and the way I'm playing him.

So when the first male baby came out with Bella's skintone instead of Mortimer's I thought "Simmit" and went with that (usually I reset until the baby matches the phenotype of their official version, Daniel Pleasant took a loooooooong time >_>)
I named the boy Magnus and hope that he will grow up into something of a "male Bella" . I might still add Alexander later. My version of Brandi Newbie already has an older sister and two older brothers, so there's room for a third Goth child.

Magnus meanwhile is of a similar enough age for Dinah and Nina to try to woo him rather than his father in this version (especially since Bella won't disappear) Maybe I'll make him Dina's first husband (Since Michael Bachelor is already married and has four children in my version) then they could get divorced for some reason, and Dinah can marry Dirk Dreamer (I like to pair those two up for some reason) hahaha.

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