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Default Trying to follow a accessories mesh tutorial and already screwed it up...can I get my files back?
Ok, so I'm trying to dip my toe into the next department of sims enthusiasm and learn to mesh. I thought I would start with accessories and began to follow this tutorial by Scorpicus:

When I got to step 12 (Fixing Integrity):

I stumbled a bit because I missed the '2' update highlighted in the screenshot and just clicked 'OK' after entering the ModelName. Shortly after, I got a SimPE error. So then I saw the part I had missed and tried fixing integrity again. There was a note in step 13 to only ever 'Fix Integrity' once but I thought it never took because I got that error. So I did it again and this time 'updated' and then hit okay. I got the same error. I finished out the steps and when I went back into body shop to check per step 18, the original maxis glasses mesh I had used to clone for this tutorial were not there anymore, just a face with no glasses. so my question is:

"Is there a way to get those original maxis file glasses back so I can start over?"

I obviously screwed up somewhere between missing that 2 'update' step or clicking 'fix integrity' a second time though I'm not sure which but I don't want to sacrifice any more of my glasses files while trying to. Or is there any advice to use something else. I tried using the same maxis files the tutorial told me to.

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Delete the mesh-file you created in step 11 (MESH_yournick_agegenderMeshname_date) and start again from step 3.
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For making accessory meshes, you first need to extract the mesh parts you need, and then import them into a new file. Don't click any of the resources once imported intothe new file. Do the "fix integrity" step, save the file with a new name, and close the file (by "file--> new", you don't have to close SimPE). Then re-open the file again. Now you can continue working on it.

Technically it shouldn't be necessary to do the extra steps, but on occasion I've had mesh files get messed up when I didn't do it this way, so I've just made a habit of it.

When you do the "fix integrity" step, use only Aa-Zz, 0-9, and - in front of or instead of the creator/time stamp inside the brackets [ ].
Any other characters should not be used, as they can cause issues, and may result in the recolor file being unable to read the file properly. I've seen underscores (_) and punctuation (.) used more or less successfully, but try to stay away from those. Underscores end up being swapped with punctuation marks, for some or another reason. The [ ] characters will show, but don't use these when you're making a new name, as anything inside them will be removed in clones and recolors (they're used as a creator/date-stamp if you're logged on to SimPE - you can write things in front of the first [ but anything in the middle will be removed/swapped if making clones).
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Originally Posted by clsve
Delete the mesh-file you created in step 11 (MESH_yournick_agegenderMeshname_date) and start again from step 3.

@clsve - thanks for responding; I tried doing this part tonight. Deleted my Mesh I had saved and started from step 3 however when I got to the texture linking (part III) there were a bunch of TXMT and BINX files when I open the [jumbled letters]_GoldStuds.package in the SavedSimsFolder. I think is because I already linked this file last night when I continued through the steps before checking in bodyshop. I posted a screenshot below. This does not match what is in the tutorial but it did before the first time I did it so do I need to do it again? I don't know if I can extract a fresh pair of those maxis glasses considering the whole mesh looked like it disappeared in body shop.

@simmer22 thanks for the advice on the naming. I thought underscores for files were okay btu I can see why not for the ModelName. I tried re-doing a portion of the tutorial and fixed integrity first thing and didn't get any error messages this time but now am running into a new curiosity and probable issue as I explained above in my reply to clsve.

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When you make a recolor file, it pulls all ages/genders from the accessory you chose (glasses thypically have cu to ef/em). If you only need one age/gender, delete the "mesh overlay" for the rest. Don't delete any other files. Using this file to make a new recolor will remove the other files you don't need.

When linking, keep in mind that the Mesh Overlay and 3DIR for the various ages also share the same instance numbers. If you click the "instance" line (not the "Instance (high)") in the resource window, the resources will sort after instance instead of name.

PF (101/257), PM (102/258)
CF (201/513), CM (202/514)
TF (401/1025), TM (402/1026)
AF (801/2049), AM (802/2050)
YF (16385), YM (16386)
EF (4097), EM (4098)
(Y and E also have those X01/X02 names, but I hardly ever use those ages when I make accessories, so I haven't memorized them)

There are also extra 3DIR resources - but if they have less than 6 lines when opening them in the plugin window, ignore them. They're only useful if you're adding custom thumbnails.

(I've also got a tutorial on accessories, here, perhaps a little more updated than the old ones floating around - but it's text only, so you need to be at least a little familiar with SimPE and Milkshape. It covers how to make all-age accessories)
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