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Default TUTORIAL - How to edit ages in unbinned hairs through SimPE
If you have Ultimate Collection, SrslySims (from Sims Community) has the best "fix tutorial" to SimPE. Click here to access it,

Hello guys! This is my first tutorial, so please forgive me (and let me know) for any grammatical errors (English is not my native language) and lack of explanation.

TUTORIAL LEVEL: Intermediate
You need to have a basic knowledge of terms and SimPE to follow this tutorial without errors and without confusion.

Some days ago, I was testing unnatural recolors of some hairs, and then I came up with a problem: the hair had pre-defined ages, however, as it was unbinned, some "extra ages" appeared. I had to search a lot on the internet for tutorials, and none of them worked. So, after a lot of testing, I finally found a safe way to edit ages, with a 99.9% chance of success! (0,1% chance of failure if you are a STUPID or don't follow every step correctly. Always make backups, just to make sure).

  1. Open SimPE, them click "Open a File" and select your hair package.

  2. You will see this screen. Under "Resource Tree", click on "Texture Image".

  3. Now, click on all textures and choose the ones that will not be used (the ages you want to delete, or textures different from the ones you used.)

  4. Now, under "Resource Tree", click on "Property Set". Delete the ages based on:
    PF - Toddler Female
    PM - Toddler Male
    PU - Toddler Unisex
    CF - Children Female
    CM - Children Male
    CU - Children Unisex
    TF - Teen Female
    TM - Teen Male
    TU - Teen Unisex
    YF - Young Adult Female
    YM - Young Adult Male
    YU - Young Adult Unisex
    AF - Adult Female
    AM - Adult Male
    AU - Adult Unisex
    EF - Elder Female
    EM - Elder Male
    EU - Elder Unisex

    These acronyms are usually in the beginning of hair names, and help you identify age and gender. (Example: TFHairLongSimple - The hair name is LongSimple, the age is Teen and the gender is Female). Therefore, delete the ages based on these acronyms.

  5. Now, under "Resource Tree", click on "Material Definition". Them, under "Resource List", click on "Name". to organize the files on alphabetical order. Based on the same acronyms from step 4, delete the the unwanted ages (PS: most of the time, there will be more than one file for each age. Delete as many as needed).

  6. If you inadvertently deleted a file that should not be deleted, don't worry. Just right-click and click "Restore."

  7. Check the three sections: "Texture Image", "Property Set" and "Material Definition". If you accidentally deleted a file, restore it. Once everything is ready and the files checked, click on "Save Package".

  8. You can close SimPE now. Go to BodyShop (Or the game), and there is your hair: unbinned, but with the right ages!

If something went wrong with your package, or the ages are not showing up correctly, contact me.

And that was my tutorial! I hope it has been very useful to everyone.
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