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Default Creating walls in HomeCrafter
I have used HomeCrafter pretty extensively to create walls and floors over the years, with decent success IMO. Since the walls display in game at 256x768, does anyone know how many pixels thick are ceiling tiles? I see a lot of cool custom walls with borders or moulding that gets cut off when you use the ceiling tiles, and I would like to create some walls and leave a space at the top to accommodation the ceiling tile thickness. Does this make sense? I know once the image is created at 256x768, it needs to be compressed to 256x512 before importing, but taking that into account, there must be a magic number of pixels to leave blank.

Thanks in advance!

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Okay, lemme get this straight... If a train leaves SimCity at 0600 and traveling 90kph and there's another train approaching at 35mph... >_<

That's actually a really interesting question. I'm not sure what you want to leave at the top... Like, a barren stripe after the rest of the design stops?, or have the crown molding end a little lower so that the top of it will line up with the bottom of the ceiling tile? Honestly I have no idea what the actual answer is, but it should be easy enough to make a couple of test wallpapers to find out (and now I really wanna do this because intellectual curiosity and also because it sounds more fun than my to-do list for the afternoon...)

One thing I wonder about, though, is whether it would make a beneficial difference in-game. Ceiling tiles may always be turned on, but you can only see them if your camera is low enough and looking up, right? I may be totally wrong about that since I don't really bother about ceilings, but it seems like if you have the camera at a non-ceiling-viewing angle, then your wallpaper would look like it just kinda... stops? Like the border is too low, or there's this random stripe around the top?

(EDIT: I really hope this gets some answers from people who know more than I do because I'm all curious now!)
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Thanks for the reply. I wouldnt leave that space blank or black or anything, I would just make sure that an intricate border wouldnt be half hidden, or the molding be entirely hidden. There are times when making movies, or just for the sake of being an anal retentive perfectionist, where this would matter to me LOL. Of course I could do it by trial and error, but I was curious if anyone else already figured it out and knew the answer or already had a template. Not a huge issue of course, but something I would like to know.

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Might be easy to find out. Knowing that Mootilda made floor edges, and that floors are ceiling...I'll be right back.
I'm back.
Try with 32 pixel high. This is for 256 by 512 walls, once you resize it to 256 by 768, then it becomes 48 pixel high. I testeded it.

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Yeah, it's about 46-48 for the expanded version. I use 46 pixels personally as a rule but attach one of my templates FYI. I had to convert it to a jpg because this site doesn't accept bmps. The textures for the fittings are just standard EAxis textures which I extracted.

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Thank you Rosebine and maxon! I knew someone must have already done the work and research. I appreciate you both very much.

Thanks again!

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